Cool Amethyst Jewelry pics

Some cool amethyst jewelry pics:

Sterling Silver Earrings-Pearls, Jade, Amethyst, Garnet
amethyst jewelry
Image by Chailatte Please
Lovely, colorful 2 1/8-inch (5.4 cm) sterling silver leverback earrings, with amethyst, jade, garnet, cream and pink freshwater pearls, and stardust beads.

These wonderful 2 1/8-inch (5.4 cm) sterling silver lever-back drop earrings feature a variety of beautiful elements, and can be worn with a wide variety of clothing colors and other jewelry. These fun earrings each include:

1 light green 6mm jade bead
1 10mm amethyst beads
1 7x5mm garnet teardrop
1 pink 8x5mm oval freshwater pearls
1 cream-colored 7.5mm round freshwater pearls
1 8mm stardust round

These treasures all hang off a chain of lightly-textured diamond-shaped links.

The lever-back itself has a subtle fleur de lis design on the front face of it, and these earrings were made using only sterling silver findings.

12/01/09: “yes”
amethyst jewelry
Image by owlpacino
a gift from sarah. a reminder.
i’m back home today from my trip to the netherlands.

Torx – 3
amethyst jewelry
Image by the justified sinner
Ring made from a found, corroded torx nut which was given to me by my friend and colleague, Christine, found outside her house. The shank is made from corroded gas-pipe which has been in my scrap box for years.

Set with a wonderful purplish garnet, six deep purple amethysts and a chunk of natural ruby crystal.

Taken with Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens on Panasonic GH2.

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