Cool Amethyst Jewelry pics

Check out these amethyst jewelry pics:

Seven Macho Bracelets – 6: Reaming – 1
amethyst jewelry
Image by the justified sinner
Series of bracelets based on 1970s "Identity Bracelets" and exploring ideas of male identity.

Found iron objects, silver, amethyst.

Taken with Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens on Panasonic GX7.

The Mysterious Adventure of Lady Stevens/Full Fathom Five (WIP) 34
amethyst jewelry
Image by the justified sinner
The "Full Fathom Five" brooch, finished and detached from the support. This can be worn exactly as it is.

New and improved necklace
amethyst jewelry
Image by cheerytomato
I added amethyst and extra Bali silver beads when I restrung this necklace.

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